We train & equip churches to have effective mental health ministries.
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You don’t have to do this alone. Create a team of certified coaches and take on the mental health needs of your community.

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The potential of your Mental Health Coaching ministry is immeasurable. Find out how our programs can help your community grow.

A mental health Crisis

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Make sure you’re equipped to handle the mental health crisis facing your community.

  • Most Churches don’t know how to effectively handle serious mental health problems and often do more harm than good.
  • We meet churches all the time who don’t know when and how to refer people to a christian mental health provider in their area.
  • Most Pastors are either not trained to help with serious mental illnesses or do not have enough time to offer help.
  • Are you tired of not knowing how to help those in your church who are going through really hard times?
  • Pastors are no longer alone to offer counseling to the congregation. We will train and certify a team of mental health coaches to offer real hope and healing.